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France 24 2 Nov 2020

What future for the children of French jihadists still in Syria?


An estimated 200 to 250 French children live in Kurdish-run detention camps in the former territory of the Islamic State group in Syria. They're the offspring of suspected jihadists. For now, the French government occasionally flies home a select few on a case-by-case basis. Despite the fact that most of these children are under five and almost all under 12 years old, their return is a controversial issue, with public opinion against their return. FRANCE 24's Noémie Roche and Yena Lee went to meet some of those who are calling for their repatriation, including a grandmother.

Millions of Americans owe money to the federal government after taking out Parent Plus loans to pay for their children's college. The program was supposed to help middle-class families afford school, but many parents now continue to struggle with the debt.
Former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissman discusses Trump's decision to pardon his former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and what future Trump pardons could mean for the sanctity of our country's rule of law Aired on 11/25/2020.
Dennis Miller sits down with the bassist of the Read Hot Chili Peppers, Flea. He talks about his new memoir "Acid for the Children," why he chose that title and the reason he thinks taking LSD has been good for him.
"Here is Jeff Bezos's company, Amazon, and they receive a tax rebate -- they paid nothing in 2018 in federal taxes. That's a corrupt tax system to begin with. But then on top of that, they received $129 million as a tax rebate. That, Sen. Thune, is what socialism for the rich."

Sen. Bernie Sanders slams Sen. Mitch McConnell for his comments about how a bill for $2000 checks for Americans is "socialism for the rich."

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