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What could stop the Packers in the playoffs?


Ryan Clark and Domonique Foxworth discuss what could possibly stop Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in the NFL playoffs.
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The Get Up crew discusses how the Green Bay Packers will have an advantage in the NFL playoffs due to poor weather at Lambeau Field.
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CGTN's Elaine Reyes and Rahul Manchandal, an immigration attorney, discuss undocumented migrant children being separated from their parents in the U.S.
George Takei joins The ReidOut to talk about the importance of the Georgia Senate runoffs: "What they will do is to support our new president, Joe Biden, because they are going to play a critical part in the Senate." Aired on 12/22/2020.
It is almost as if nothing had ever happened in Wuhan. Life is back to normal in the city where the Coronavirus first emerged. At the time, the government reacted with one of the most severe lockdowns in human history. Now old and young enjoy outdoor activities, children are back in school with their grandparents waiting to pick them up.
It's because they governed the city well during the lockdown.
China has brought infection rates down to almost zero. In an exuberant exhibition, the Communist Party celebrates victory in what it calls its "war on the epidemic" - with tributes to soldiers and medics, who worked to themselves to exhaustion during the outbreak. But first and foremost, the party celebrates itself and the General Secretary Xi Jinping, who is hailed as the man who lead the country to victory.
This is how China wants the people of Wuhan to see its response to the disease. And indeed, many do see it that way. But there are other voices in the city.
Zhang Hai is one of them. He is on his way to the municipal government.
Zhang Hai normally lives in the southern city of Shenzhen, but returned home to Wuhan in January when his father broke his hip. The elderly man received free treatment at a military hospital. This was where he caught COVID and later died.
Zhang Hai says his father would still be alive, if the authorities in Wuhan had not covered up the early stages of the outbreak. He is trying to file a case in court against the government.
But few people still speak publically about their grievances. Many others appear to have put the experience behind them. Nightlife is back on the streets. Especially young people enjoy their newly returned freedoms.
While many places in the world still struggle with the pandemic, the city where it all began is moving on.

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