MSNBC 18 Nov 2020

Weissmann: Citizen Trump Should Be Prosecuted For Obstructing Special Counsel Mueller


Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, talks about why it's important that Donald Trump, as a citizen after he leaves office, face accountability for crimes he may have committed before he was elected as well as potential crimes while in office, like obstructing the special counsel's investigation. Aired on 11/18/2020.

President Trump called out 'Anonymous' NYTimes op-ed writer Miles Taylor at his rally in Florida. Trump said, "There should be major criminal liability for some scum like this" and urged officials to prosecute him.
US President Trump was flown by helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center to be treated for coronavirus.

The White House says the president is fatigued and suffering from a low grade fever. First Lady Melania Trump and several White House staffers have also tested positive. The diagnosis comes just days after a contentious debate with Former Vice President Joe Biden. Both Biden and his wife tested negative for the virus on Friday.

Joining the discussion:

Mary C. Curtis is a columnist for the political publication, "Roll Call" and host of the "Equal Time" podcast.
John Burnett is the Managing Director and Founder of 1 Empire Group.
Nate Lerner is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Build the Wave.
Dr. Kate Tulenko is the CEO and Founder of Corvus Health.
What are the treatment options now that the president and first lady have tested positive for COVID-19? At 74, Trump falls into the age category deemed most vulnerable to coronavirus. At 244 pounds, he's considered obese, another multipling risk factor. The Associated Press reported that he received an "experimental antibody cocktail" in addition to aspirin, vitamin D, zinc, and an antacid. Dr. Oz said he was stunned when the President tested positive despite daily testing of people around him.
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) talks to Chuck Todd about his takeaways from the 2020 election, how he'd like to see President Trump handle the final days of his administration, and what it might be like to work with President-elect Joe Biden, during an interview with Meet the Press.

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