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NBC News 15 Mar 2019

Weird Details You May Have Missed In The College Cheating Scandal


It's thought to be the largest college admissions cheating scandal ever prosecuted in the U.S. and it's moving at lightning speed. The ringleader of the alleged scheme, consultant William "Rick" Signer, pleaded guilty to four charges just hours after the sweeping indictment. Here are a few details you may have missed from the investigation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that people in New York City who are protesting George Floyd's death should assume they've been exposed to the coronavirus in the crowd. He urged them to get tested and also warned it may trigger a spike in COVID-19 cases in the days to come. Watch his remarks here.
Marcus Spears breaks down how offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs can help the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being selected with the No. 13 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The Get Up crew also discusses the role QB Tom Brady may have played in the Bucs drafting Wirfs.
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Acting on a hunch, two specialists in the Paris region decided to take another look at a number of patients who were treated in intensive care for pneumonia back in December and January. One patient, a man from a Paris suburb, tested positive for having COVID-19. Elaine Cobbe reports.
Rachel Maddow looks at how a policy of allowing meat processing plants to keep their coronavirus numbers secret, combined with an arbitrary benchmark used by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, means Iowans can't get a full picture of the coronavirus in their communities. Aired on 5/27/2020.

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