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DW News 11 Sep 2019

'We need to elect our own government' Joshua Wong Interview (2/2)


Joshua Wong, one of the figureheads of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is drawing official complaints from China with his tour of foreign countries. Wong currently is in Germany where he's met foreign minister Heiko Maass, a meeting that led to a diplomatic complaint from China, which called the meeting disrespectful. Wong said the Hong Kong protest movement would continue despite the government dropping a controversial extradition bill. The 22-year-old also spoke at the German Parliament. He'd been detained for 24 hours by authorities at Hong Kong Airport before he was allowed to leave the country.

The 2019 General Election was pretty definitive for the Conservatives. They got the most votes, won the most seats, and won the biggest majority for a generation.

But that's not the full story. Small parties saw huge increases in votes without anything to show for it. This has led to increased calls to change the way we vote.
2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang is interviewed on "This Week."

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Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) weighs in on the Senate impeachment trial and upcoming House votes on impeachment and USMCA.
Following John Bolton's allegations confirming a quid pro quo, Mitt Romney expresses interest in bringing Bolton in as a witness, says it is "increasingly likely" other GOP senators would join. Aired on 01/27/20.

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