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The Guardian 4 Oct 2019

We must deliver: Brexit, Johnson and the robots of Milton Keynes


As Tory conference cheers Boris Johnson's do-or-die vision of leaving the EU, Anywhere but Westminster moves to Milton Keynes, a town evenly split between leave and remain, and hurtling into the future. Robots are delivering people's shopping, but there's also homelessness and glaring inequality, and clear signs that most people want no part of all the Brexit madness

The NFL's all-time winningest coach, Don Shula, passed away Monday at the age of 90. His legacy is remembered and explained by Jimmy Johnson along with Howie Long and Curt Menefee.
On today's show, we're chatting with actress, producer and gamer Felicia Day and debating who's delivered the greatest video game voice acting performance of all time. Launcher's Mikhail Klimentov and Elise Favis join host Gene Park to also discuss Ghosts of Tsushima and Amazon's new game, Crucible. A quick disclaimer—Jeffrey P. Bezos, owner of Amazon, also owns The Washington Post, but Launcher reviews all its products and games fairly, without bias.

Launcher is The Washington Post's gaming, esports competitions and gaming culture destination. Reporter Gene Park will host a weekly live video show that highlights the latest news and stories in gaming Wednesdays at 3 p.m. ET. The show will include Q&As with Launcher journalists and weekly guests from the gaming industry, including game developers, streamers and more.

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Formula 1 team bosses have met to discuss ways of protecting the sport from financial problems caused by the coronavirus, with a reduction of the budget cap under consideration.
Williams became the third F1 team to put their staff on enforced leave until the end of May, while the team's drivers and executives have to take a 20 percent pay cut. The decision by Williams follows similar moves from McLaren and Racing Point. Eight races of the F1 season have already been cancelled due to the pandemic. We spoke to former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg. He says rescuing the season will require creativity - without forgetting the needs of smaller teams on the circuit.
On Jackie Robinson Day, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman remember the impact of Jackie Robinson, the Brooklyn Dodgers icon that broke MLB's color barrier.
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