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The Guardian 7 May 2020

We fear hunger, not coronavirus: Lebanon protesters return


Lebanon's coronavirus lockdown has sent an economy already in deep trouble into freefall, and many are struggling to survive. Gino Raidy is an activist who was prominent during the October 2019 street protests against government corruption. Now, with many Lebanese fearing hunger and believing there is nothing left to lose, he is helping to keep protesters safe as they demand real and lasting change

Any return to normality in the short term is a "wholly unrealistic expectation". That's the warning from the UK government's chief medical adviser.

Professor Chris Whitty said the policy of social distancing will be needed until at least the end of the year. He said the chance of a vaccine or other effective treatments for coronavirus being ready before then was "incredibly small".

Meanwhile there's growing concern about the impact of the virus on care homes. Officials fear that 2,000 residents could have died died in England alone. In Scotland a third of people who have died after contracting the virus were in care homes.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Science Editor David Shukman, Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he hopes to make announcements next week about lifting coronavirus restrictions in California.
Protesters against Michigan's coronavirus lockdown have rallied in the state capitol building.

Hundreds of demonstrators, a few of them armed, gathered in Lansing and many did not wear masks or socially distance.

Police checked their temperatures before some were allowed into the capitol, where lawmakers were debating.
More than a million people have now been infected with the coronavrius around the world. Fifty thousand are dead. One country which so far has had relatively low infection rates is India. With a population of 1,3 billion people the county has registered only 2,500 cases so far.
In a video message broadcast Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to bolster moral in the country by urging people to light candles. Last week the country introduced a nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of the virus.

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