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The Guardian 7 May 2020

We fear hunger, not coronavirus: Lebanon protesters return


Lebanon's coronavirus lockdown has sent an economy already in deep trouble into freefall, and many are struggling to survive. Gino Raidy is an activist who was prominent during the October 2019 street protests against government corruption. Now, with many Lebanese fearing hunger and believing there is nothing left to lose, he is helping to keep protesters safe as they demand real and lasting change

Environmental protesters returned to the streets of Europe's capitals to continue a week of demonstrations that have seen many arrests.
Protesters returned on Sunday night to the U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, but in far fewer numbers and amid eased tensions.
After three nights of chaos in Kenosha, Wis., and a deadly shooting on Aug. 27, peaceful protesters returned to the streets on Aug. 28 to demand justice in the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Los Angeles Lakers clinching the top seed in the Western Conference after defeating the Utah Jazz and explains why he is still concerned about the Lakers' title chances.
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