CNN 14 Oct 2020

Watch what happened when Harris asked Barrett about climate crisis


Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris questioned Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett about the climate crisis, but Barrett refused to say that climate change was a threat despite ample scientific evidence.

Ramy Youseff shared a behind the scenes look outside his home of what happened when he lost the Emmy Award. A delivery person dressed in an over-the-top hazmat-style suit walked away from his window as the actor watched the award show from his living room. Sandra Oh took a selfie in front of her TV with big winners Dan and Eugene Levy. Zendaya shared her Emmy look on Instagram. Inside Edition Digital's Leigh Scheps has more.
CNN's Elle Reeve spent time with the Proud Boys, a far-right group, during a rally in Portland, Oregon. Hear what they have to say about their beliefs and reputation of being violent.
Sgt. Jon Mattingly was one of seven officers who forced their way into Taylor's home in March. Kenneth Walker was asleep beside her. The two share very different accounts of what happened that night.
Before President Trump's speech in New Hampshire, the crowd booed an announcement at the event asking the attendees to wear masks.

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