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Washington Post 21 Feb 2020

WATCH: Weinstein departs court after jury deliberation


Harvey Weinstein departs court house after jury deliberation.

Harvey Weinstein returned to a New York City courthouse, Wednesday, February 19, for the second day of jury deliberations in the former movie producer's rape and sexual assault trial.
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Harvey Weinstein arrived at a New York City courthouse Wednesday as jurors returned for a second day of deliberations in the rape trail that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. (Feb. 19)
Jurors adjourned Tuesday without a verdict but asked several questions of the judge, who slapped the disgraced movie mogul's defense attorney with a gag order.
Attorney Aida Leisenring speaks on the case, in which the disgraced movie mogul faces multiple felony counts, including rape and sexual assault.

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