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Washington Post 22 May 2020

WATCH: Trump issues new guidelines to open up places of worship


President Trump issues new guidelines to open up places of worship.

President Trump demanded that governors allow places of worship across the country to reopen immediately, arguing those locations are "essential."
President Trump held a news conference to announce that places of worship should be identified as "essential" and called on governors to allow their reopening amid the coronavirus outbreak. Aired on 5/22/2020.
California state officials issued new guidelines for places of worship to reopen. The DOJ had sent a letter to the state last week warning that the existing reopening plans discriminated against churches. Under the new guidelines staff members and congregants will need to be screened for symptoms and have their temperature taken before entering the building. The capacity will vary based on the size of the building and all are advised to wear masks. Aired on 05/25/2020.
CA Governor Gavin Newsom issues new guidelines for reopening places of worship, Trace Gallagher reports. #FoxNews

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