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The Hill 14 Feb 2020

WATCH: Michael Bloomberg torches Trump again and again in speech after speech


Attacking President Trump has become a new constant in the 2020 presidential campaign of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has called the president a "bully" who is "scared of him."

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg responded to questions about controversial remarks he made in 2015 about stop and frisk are not indicative of the way he thinks or the way he led New York City during his tenure as mayor.
Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg made a second set of comments about crime in minority communities. One America's Richard Pollock reports from Washington.
Attacks on Michael Bloomberg dominated the Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, CBSN political contributor Molly Hooper, and CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright joined CBSN with more on Bloomberg's first time on the debate stage.
Former New York City Mayor toured San Antonio and other parts of Texas in the kick-off of his campaign bus tour. CBS News campaign reporter Tim Perry spoke to Bloomberg and one his surrogates, Judge Judy Sheindlin, on the road in Texas. He joins CBSN to discuss.

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