Euronews 8 Nov 2019

Watch: Bolivian police join scattered anti-Morales protests


Scattered cases of police 'mutiny' are adding to the pressure on President Evo Morales amid a weeks-long standoff over a disputed election last month.…

While covering anti-racist protests, police arrested HuffPost reporter Christopher Mathias even though he showed off his press pass.
Police officers in one of New Jersey's largest and most violent cities were praised on social media for marching alongside protesters in rallies held this weekend over George Floyd's death. (May 31).
Protests with honking horns, anti-shutdown signs and angry Americans continued in Maryland, Texas and Wisconsin on April 18. Some called for jumpstarting the economy and firing Anthony S. Fauci.
Over the weekend, images of police using force to suppress crowds filled social media, yet in some cities police officers joined with demonstrators in a show of solidarity. Aired on 6/1/2020.

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