The Hill
The Hill 7 Nov 2020

WATCH: Biden supporters across U.S. CELEBRATE 2020 election results


Americans celebrated Joe Biden's 2020 election victory in the streets of numerous cities across the country.

"Asian Americans decided this election here in Georgia for Joe Biden."

Andrew Yang spoke about the 2020 election while stumping for Rev. Warnock in Georgia.
Rep. Mo Brooks lashed out at Democrats in a tirade about the 2020 election results on the House floor on Thursday.
Trump supporters protested election results in Washington, DC. The rally coincides with the same week that lawmakers will meet for a joint session to certify the Electoral College results, the last step in cementing Joe Biden's presidential victory.
Only a quarter of Republicans trust the results of the 2020 election are accurate, according to new polling. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 12/10/2020.

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