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NBC News 13 Feb 2020

Watch Astronaut's Sweet Reunion With Dog After Nearly A Year In Space


Video shows astronaut Christina Koch's sweet reunion with her dog after spending nearly a year in space.

Christina Koch's dog couldn't contain her excitement upon the astronaut's return home.
Thanks to Astronaut Christina Koch, we know what it looks like when your dog welcomes you home after a year in space. Aired on 02/13/20.
NBC News' Janis Mackey Frayer covered the coronavirus from the very beginning, reporting in January from Wuhan, China, then Japan and the UK. She returned home to 14 days of quarantine in China, where she could only see her husband and six-year-old son from an apartment window.
Two cruise ships on which four people with Covid-19 have died have docked in Florida - after weeks of uncertainty at sea.

The Zaandam and its sister ship the Rotterdam both arrived in Fort Lauderdale after they'd been barred from ports in South America. They'd also been told they couldn't dock in Florida - a decision later reversed.

Passengers fit for travel will disembark and fly home. Several dozen with mild symptoms will stay on board for a quarantine period. The 14 people with severe symptoms will be treated in local hospitals.

The Zaandam left Buenos Aires on 7 March and was meant to finish its trip in Chile two weeks later - but was barred from docking after a virus outbreak on board.

It was then joined by the Rotterdam for supplies, and both ships found themselves in limbo with no port accepting their call.

Another cruise ship, the Coral Princess - which also has confirmed cases on board - will arrive in Florida on Saturday.

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