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RT America 2 Dec 2019

WATCH: 18,000-year-old 'puppy' found in near perfect condition


Scientists in Eastern Russia have discovered an 18,000-year-old puppy perfectly preserved in ice. As the permafrost melts, more and more discoveries are being made in this remote part of the world. RT America's Trinity Chavez has the story.

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A 1,000-year-old water mill has resumed commercial production to meet the rising demand for flour during the coronavirus pandemic.…
Jorge Martinez is a 12-year-old who lives in Mexico. He's using his home 3D printer to make visors for healthcare workers. Each one takes about 45 minutes to assemble, and so far, he's made about 100. He's been giving them to hospitals in his home state of Oaxaca. Healthcare workers in the country have protested against shortages in protective equipment. So every one of Jorge's homemade masks may keep someone safe, or even help save a life.
Two-year-old Isla was in foster care with the same family in Jacksonville, Florida, since she was seven days old. Last month, she got to have a virtual adoption hearing - and parade to celebrate.
Vaughn Miller is a 25-year-old EMT working in Syracuse, New York. When the opportunity to deploy to a pandemic hotspot presented itself, Vaughn quickly agreed.

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