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NBC News 20 Apr 2020

WATCH: 16-Year-Old Coronavirus Patient Gets Emotional Send-Off From Hospital


A 16-year-old coronavirus patient who was in serious condition at Cohen Children's Medical Center in Queens, N.Y., received an emotional send-off after being discharged. The girl was the first patient to be released after receiving ECMO treatment at the hospital, which is an invasive therapy that removes blood from the body and returns it with oxygen.

NBC News Verification unit talks to Raymon Curry, a 16-year old protestor who explains the rage of young people trying to protest non-violently for lasting change.
Alexis Loveraz is a teen trailblazer who is tutoring students on TikTok. The 16-year-old, who hails from the Bronx in New York, has a knack for math and he's using his time at home to help other teens study up for the SATs. On TikTok, Alexis has more than 700,000 followers from students looking for extra guidance from his one-minute video sessions. Teens all over the world, including the Philippines, are tuning in for his teachings. Inside Edition Digital's Leigh Scheps has more.
Can you bear it? This is the moment a 12-year-old boy kept remarkably calm after a bear emerged from bushes just metres away from him.
Student filmmaker Rylee Landau, takes an eye-opening look at how children are taking in what's happening around them in her short film, "Growing up COVID."

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