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Inside Edition 18 Oct 2020

Was This Old Man a Werewolf?


In 1691, a Latvian peasant named Thiess claimed in a court of law that he was a werewolf. Scholar Bruce Lincoln said Thiess lived in a region known as Livonia, "An area that is, to werewolves, what Transylvania is to vampires." Lincoln told Inside Edition Digital that werewolves were thought to be "agents of Satan." But Thiess surprised the court by claiming that werewolves were agents of good, who descended into Hell to fight Satan.

With Mike D'Antoni on his way out of Houston, is this the end of an era for the Rockets? And if so, what impact did their unique style of play have on the league, and can its success be measured by Championships (or a lack thereof)?
Krystal and Saagar examine Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris' rebut of the Trump Administration's policies and tactics.
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Miami Heat in Game 6 to win the 2020 NBA Championship.
#FirstTake #NBA
A 50-year-old man was killed and six others were injured in two separate shootings in the early morning hours in Toronto. Officers were called to the scene of the fatal shooting on Stilecroft Drive in North York just before 5 a.m., police said. Hours earlier, six people were shot in the Little Jamaica neighbourhood.


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