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ABC News 14 Jan 2020

Warren, Sanders appear to break nonaggression pact prior to debate


Elizabeth Warren claims that he told her in 2018 a woman couldn't win the presidential election and that his current campaign volunteers are trashing her to voters.

"We have a choice to make and it is important for us to realize that choice tomorrow and to do everything that we can to expand the electorate and transform our democracy, to center everyday people, fight for healthcare as a right, fight for a living wage, fight to end mass incarceration, fight to break up ICE and CBP!"

The night before the New Hampshire primary, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) touted Sen. Bernie Sanders' record and offered a progressive vision for America's future.

Israel's parliament was given a deep-clean prior to the swearing-in ceremony of several newly elected lawmakers to protect them from COVID-19, Monday, March 16.
Prior to the passage of the CARES Act, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a broad speech praising the passage of the stimulus plan and quoting Pope Francis.
A Brazilian senator was shot and injured, Wednesday, February 19, as he was attempting to intervene in a strike by military police in the state of Ceara.

Senator Cid Gomes was hit in the chest and was taken to a nearby hospital, according to his brother, who said the bullets did not hit any vital organs.

Gomes was attempting to drive a mechanical digger through a barricade set up by police.

It was not immediately clear where the shots came from. (AP)

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