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One America News Network 17 Mar 2020

Wall to Wall: President Trump working to help small businesses amid coronavirus outbreak


Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy and are getting hit hard by measures put in place to combat the coronavirus. As President Trump works to help relieve the financial stress for small business owners and employees, a conservative U.S. advocacy group has said three major policy measures would combat the economic consequences. Elaine Parker, the president of the Job Creators Network, outlined these measures with One America's Greta Wall in this exclusive interview.

Chuck Todd puts President Trump's plan to reopen America into perspective, "Although keep in mind, any big promises from the president tonight about reopening the economy any time soon should be treated skeptically." Aired on 04/16/2020.
President Trump floated potential criminal indictments of top Democrat officials, high-government bureaucrats and left-wing groups as part of his efforts to "drain the swamp". One America's Kriistian Rouz looks into the matter.
The United States marked the darkest day in its battle against the coronavirus so far. It recorded the highest "daily" death toll on Tuesday nearly two thousand.

President Trump threatens to stop WHO funding because WHO disagreed with his coronavirus ban on travel from China. CGTN's Nathan King has more.
An op-ed in the New York Times has suggested some Democrats are willing to "sacrifice" Joe Biden's accuser Tara Reade and future survivors of sexual assault to ensure President Trump does not get reelected. One America's Emily Finn takes a look at that piece.

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