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Wall to Wall: AppZen Helps Companies Crack Down on Expense Fraud


Employee expense reports are changing rapidly as more people are now working from home due to the Coronavirus. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with AppZen CEO Anant Kale about how his company is helping employers crack down on expense fraud.

Some states are forcing businesses to close down yet again, leaving many Americans uncertain about their economic future. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Host of Watchdog on Wall Street, Chris Markowski, about the state of the U.S. economy.
Looting and riots are striking a second blow to small businesses already reeling from coronavirus. Many shop owners are now left picking up the pieces and wondering how they will recover and reopen. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with The Shadow CEO, Athan Slotkin, about tips for businesses struggling amid these uncertain times.
Rioters and looters are hurting the reputation and messaging of peaceful protesters in the wake of George Floyd's death. On Wall to Wall, Greta spoke with Honorary Chair of the Tea Party Patriots, Jenny Beth Martin, about how violence impairs progress of the overall movement.
The Nasdaq soars to record highs as the Fed releases its first economic forecast since last year. On Wall to Wall, Greta discussed the economic rebound with host of 'Watchdog on Wall Street,' Chris Markowski.

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