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NBC Sports 18 May 2020

WAKE UP! How Olympians jump start their day


From the coffee nap, to mushroom coffee, to just taking it black and everything in between, here's how Olympians use coffee (or don't!) to get going every day

The New York Times' Peter Baker says that to have "the one foreign leader [Trump] considers to be a friend, Boris Johnson, suddenly now in the ICU ... has to be a wake up call for him." Aired on 4/6/2020.
CGTN's Mike Walter explains how journalists work from home by setting up their own studios.

Some correspondents like Jim Spellman set up their photography equipment in garages. But for news anchors like Elaine Reyes and Rachelle Akuffo, they quickly learned to be creative while conducting Zoom interviews in makeshift broadcast studios with cameras and teleprompters.

For Walter himself, his living room and dining room were converted into a set... stuffed with cameras and other equipment. Even his deck became an additional set.
The coronavirus puts many countries in Africa in a very difficult situation. They want to stop the spread of the vius, but lockdowns mean personal hardships for many citizens and puts them at risk of an economic meltdown. DW Presenter Eddy Micah Jr takes a closer look across the continent to find out how nations are coping with the pandemic, talking to journalists from Lagos to Cape Town as well as young Africans coming up with their very own solutions.
Numerous states are beginning to reopen their economies this week, which is being applauded by many who are severely impacted by the economic damage from the shutdowns. However, others are pushing back against the move.

One America's Stephanie Myers spoke with Florida's former Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll, who discusses the importance of the issue.

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