MSNBC 15 Sep 2020

Voter Pushes Trump To Acknowledge Nation's Race Problem. Trump Wouldn't.


At a town hall event, the president was pushed repeatedly by a voter to acknowledge the nation's race problem. Trump made his answer about himself. We discuss that with Kimberly Atkins. Aired on 09/15/2020

CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks some of the claims made by President Trump in response to questions from Pennsylvania voters during ABC's town hall.
President Trump tosses red 'Keep America Great' hats to a crowd of supporters in New Jersey. He is socially distanced from the group.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted his administration skipped the permit process required to paint Black Lives Matter murals in front of Trump Tower and city streets. One Americas John Hines has the reaction from New York residents.
Despite a rise in first time unemployment claims and a second dismal economic report, President Trump touted his economic stewardship at a small rally near the birthplace of his political rival, Joe Biden. (Aug. 20)

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