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Associated Press 21 May 2020

Virus-stricken aircraft carrier returns to sea


After nearly two months sidelined in Guam with a coronavirus outbreak, the USS Theodore Roosevelt has gone out to sea for training, in preparation to return to duty in the Pacific. (May 21)

Iran has carried out military exercises in the Gulf.
The drills have drawn attention because Iran's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard is using a replica United States aircraft carrier as a target to train its troops.
Al Jazeera's Assed Baig reports from Tehran.
German police have been asked to search a second former home of Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B.

The new owner is said to have called detectives last month after the convicted paedophile was identified on TV, fearing he may have left evidence of his crimes there.

A neighbour claimed that Christian B dug out a cellar at the house near Braunschweig.
Spain is suffering its worst tourist season ever as fears and restrictions over coronavirus prevent people from taking the risk of traveling abroad
President Trump returns to his press briefing after a shooting outside the White House.

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