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Associated Press 13 Feb 2020

Virus safety concerns about wild animal slaughter


Many people in China are calling for a temporary ban on the wildlife trade to be made permanent to help contain the coronavirus. (Feb. 14)

The source of the deadly coronavirus has been traced to wild animals, such as bats and pangolins.

Likewise, the SARS outbreak nearly 20 years ago was traced to wildlife -- civet cats.

To prevent humans and wildlife crossing paths again, China's lawmakers are stepping up efforts to ban hunting, selling, buying and using protected animals and their products.

CGTN's Elaine Reyes talked to Teresa Telecky, the vice president of the wildlife department at Humane Society International.
At today's Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, President Trump once more defended the use of the term "Chinese virus" in discussing COVID-19, and was asked about reports that a White House official used the term "Kung Flu."
Stocks fell sharply on Monday around the world on news of more coronavirus infections in different countries. (Feb. 24)
The United Kingdom will leave the European Union at midnight on Friday, after years of wrangling about how to honour the result of a 2016 referendum on membership.
Many sectors have raised concerns about the effect Brexit will have on business.
Not least the music industry, which wants to ensure musicians can carry on touring freely.
Al Jazeera's Emma Hayward reports.

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