CNN 17 Nov 2020

Video shows inside Russian hospitals amid overcrowded conditions


A CNN investigation has revealed startling new evidence of how Russia may be severely understating the impact of Covid-19 across its territory. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

Police body camera video shows a shirtless state Supreme Court justice shove a Buffalo police officer who was putting handcuffs on his wife during an argument with neighbors. (Oct. 13)
Video shows a maskless Trump supporter deliberately breathing on two senior citizens outside of President Trump's golf club. The Loudoun County Sheriff released a statement confirming the assailant's arrest.
Drone footage showed people looting a burning supermarket in the Lekki district of Lagos, Thursday, October 22, amid further unrest in the city, despite an ongoing curfew.

Video obtained by Reuters shows people running from the Shoprite supermarket as flames and smoke were surrounding the building.

A witness said the looters came in groups, taking food and electronics, and afterward setting a part of the mall ablaze.

Violence has intensified in Nigeria's commercial capital since the shooting of civilians by security forces at an anti-police brutality protest at Lekki gate Tuesday, October 20.

A curfew, initially imposed on Tuesday by Lagos governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has been extended indefinitely, and on Wednesday, October 21, the army offered to help protect key business and government sites.

Actor Rick Moranis was attacked by an unknown assailant near New York City's Central Park. Security video released by the NYPD shows the attack.

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