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RT America 9 Jan 2020

Video: Missile hits Ukrainian airliner in midair over Iran (Full episode)


Rick Sanchez reports on a video, verified by the New York Times, purporting to show a surface-to-air rocket shooting down the Boeing 737 NG that crashed over Iran on Tuesday, killing all 176 people on board. Then Jamie Finch, former director of Government, Public and Family Affairs for NTSB shares his insights. (0:12) Economist and founder of Democracy at Work Prof. Richard Wolff discusses the bizarre economics of Washington's military interventions. (11:02) Former chief UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in on the Iran plane crash. (16:35) Plus, Ruben Navarrette, nationally syndicated columnist and host of the daily podcast "Navarrette Nation," discusses the muddled state of US media. (20:32)

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Since the coronavirus outbreak started, the number of visitors from China travelling to Thailand has plummeted, hitting its tourism-dependant economy badly.
China accounts for the bulk of Thailand's visitors and Chinese tour groups have been banned from going overseas to halt the virus' spread.

Al Jazeera's Alexi O'Brien reports from Bangkok on the Thais working in the tourism sector who are bearing the brunt.
The surveillance video from Lori Vallow's storage unit showed her making numerous trips carrying large items in and out of the locker, around the time her children were reported missing.
On day two of US President Donald Trump's visit to India, the focus switched from pomp and pageantry to trade and defense. Following talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi, Trump said they had made progress on what he called a comprehensive trade deal. Although concrete details of a trade breakthrough remained elusive, the two leaders seemed keen to put the Trump-Modi chemistry on show for the world. Protests in Delhi against the country's controversial citizenship law overshadowed the visit, causing a public-relations problem for Modi.
The U.S. has experienced its deadliest day yet in the battle against COVID-19. While there have been many reports about how bad things are at hospitals with a lack of personnel and supplies, we are now getting our first look inside. Thanks to an emergency room doctor who is sharing video from the epicenter of the outbreak to show just how bad things really are, Inside Edition was taken inside the hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, where 13 people died in just one 24-hour period.

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