CNN 9 Jan 2020

Video appears to show Ukrainian airliner being hit


Video sent to CNN appears to show a missile fired into the Tehran sky early Wednesday morning and striking an object in the sky. Around that time, a Ukranian airliner crashed shortly after takeoff. CNN cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but the buildings seen in it appears similar to ones that are in the Iranian capitol suburb of Parand. The Ukrainian plane crashed just north of the suburb.

The US increasingly believes that Iran mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian airliner on Tuesday, according to multiple US officials. The working theory is based on continuing analysis of data from satellites, radar and electronic data collected routinely by US military and intelligence.

Miami, Fla., Mayor Francis Suarez has tested positive for coronavirus. The mayor is keeping a video diary and posting it to social media to reduce anxiety and fears people are having over COVID-19. Suarez also explained to NBC how he is managing an entire city while he is quarantined at home.
Reaction and analysis from Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton and former DOJ official Bob Driscoll.

FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC),
Images provided by Turkish army via AFP reportedly show strikes in Syria's Idlib province, Friday, February 28.
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The viral clip appears to show the Democrat frontrunner endorsing Donald Trump as US President but had been shortened to remove the end of his sentence.…

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