CNN 31 May 2020

Video appears to show NYPD truck plowing through crowd


New York police are investigating after a video appears to show a New York City Police Department truck plowing through a crowd during a George Floyd protest in Brooklyn.
The 27-second video, which was posted to Twitter, shows an NYPD truck in front of a crowd throwing objects at the vehicle. There is a barricade in front of the truck. The truck then appears to drive into the barricade, knocking over protestors. Screaming and yelling are then heard while a person is seen jumping on top of the truck. It's unclear if there were any injuries.
CNN has reached out to the NYPD, New York governor and Attorney General's office for comment. Earlier, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he ordered the state attorney general to independently review the events of Friday's protests that included protesters clashing with police in Brooklyn and other boroughs.


Eyewitness video showed at least three officers apparently hitting a cyclist at an intersection in Manhattan, New York City, on Wednesday night.
The Halton Regional Police Service says it has suspended one of its officers in connection with a video circulating online that appears to show an officer pushing and hitting a young man.
Hong Kong police say a man was arrested on board a London-bound flight following an alleged attack on an officer during protests on July 1.
As thousands of people were on the bridge of Minneapolis Interstate 35W protesting the death of George Floyd, a large tanker truck driving at a high speed appears to try hitting protesters. CBSN Minnesota reports.

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