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Voice of America 21 May 2020

Venice Reopens Gradually as It Recovers From COVID Impact


Locals, many out of work, are wondering when tourists will return

Ada Zanussi contracted coronavirus in her retirement home in northern Italy in March. Doctors say she recovered after they only treated her symptoms.

Canals in Venice were almost empty, Monday, April 6, as Italy's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continued. Since the country went into lockdown on March 9, hotels, restaurants, cafes and most businesses have been shut.
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A 103-year-old Italian woman has recovered from COVID-19, inspiring others in the hard-hit country. (April 9)
As Italy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, most brides have decided to postponed their weddings. The wedding industry has taken a major hit. Vendors are now coping with new uncertainties and financial distress.

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