Newsy 2 Oct 2020

VA Cemetery In Calif. To Honor Native American Vets With Memorial


Riverside, California resting site will be the first to have a plaza dedicated to Native American veterans.

Pfizer says it could have results as soon as the end of October for its possible COVID vaccine. But health experts are concerned about avoiding any possible political interference in the process ahead of the 2020 election. ProPublica reporter Caroline Chen has studied the FDA process for approving vaccines and joins CBSN to explain what Americans should be on the lookout for.
In the US, the Native American community comprises a small, but potentially important group of voters.
Some analysts say Native American voters in swing states could sway the results of the presidential election.
But many face a numerous obstacles, as they try to cast their votes.
Al Jazeera's Rob Reynolds reports.
The Football Night in America crew reflects on the biggest storylines from Week 2 of the NFL season as the Cowboys pulled off an unlikely comeback, Tom Brady gets his first win in Tampa Bay and more.
Exclusive: Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks about a bombshell plot involving Europe's biggest football clubs to reshape the sport's global landscape.

They want to join a new FIFA-backed tournament - and Sky News has learnt that financiers are assembling a £4.6bn funding package to assist the creation of what could become known as the European Premier League.

UEFA since stated that: "The UEFA President has made it clear on many occasions that UEFA strongly opposes a Super League. The principles of solidarity, of promotion, relegation and open leagues are non-negotiable.

"It is what makes European football work and the Champions League the best sports competition in the world.

"UEFA and the clubs are committed to build on such strength not to destroy it to create a super league of 10, 12, even 24 clubs, which would inevitably become boring."

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