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Fox News 29 Nov 2020

US surgeon general: Wearing a mask is an 'instrument' of freedom


U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams tells ‘Fox News Sunday' 40 million vaccine doses will be produced by the end of the year.

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams describes the milestone of seeing Americans getting Covid-19 vaccines as "a shot of hope", but says people should continue washing their hands and practicing social distancing.
US Surgeon General Jerome Adams says there are reactions to all medications and the reactions to the coronavirus vaccinations are normal. Adams visited a hospital in Chicago as Illinois rolled out the vaccine on Tuesday. (Dec. 23)
#REPLAY. French Prime Minister Jean #Castex on Wednesday defended draft #legislation aimed at clamping down on radical #Islamism as a "law of freedom" after a torrent of #criticism from Muslim countries and expressions of concern from the US. "This bill is not a text aimed against religions or against the Muslim religion in particular," he told reporters after the cabinet approved a text to present to parliament. "It is the reverse -- it is a law of freedom, it is a law of protection, it is a law of emancipation against religious fundamentalism."
Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) calls the Russia hack of U.S. agencies "an extraordinary invasion of our cyberspace" in an interview with Meet The Press.

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