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Voice of America 13 Jan 2020

US Soldiers and Journalists Arrive to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq By Helicopter


U.S. soldiers, U.S.-led coalition troops, and journalists arrive to Al Asad air base by helicopter, Anbar province, Iraq, Monday, January 13.

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Iran claims it has killed more than 80 Americans after firing ballistic missiles at US military targets in Iraq. The missiles reportedly hit two bases, the Al Asad air base in Western Iraq and another near the city of Erbil. The US defense department says it is still assessing the full extent of the damage, and US President Donald Trump is due to speak later today. Iran's revolutionary guard says the attack was in retaliation for the US assassination of General Qassem Soleimani on Friday. Meanwhile, EU and NATO members are assessing what their reaction will be, and Germany has moved troops based in Iraq for their protection.
CNN's Arwa Damon was the first journalist to access Al-Asad US military base in Anbar province, Iraq, following an Iranian ballistic missile attack. Soldiers recounted their actions during the attack and shared their feelings of trauma in the aftermath.
At least 10 rockets hit al-Asad airbase in Iraq, which houses US forces, a Sunni commander of the paramilitary forces in a nearby town told CNN.
New satellite images appear to show damage to al-Asad air base in Iraq, which housed US troops, following a missile strike by Iran.

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