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Al Jazeera 4 Apr 2020

US rough sleepers face new challenges amid coronavirus lockdown


In America's capital, rough sleepers are being left with nowhere to go during the coronavirus pandemic as even shelters close their doors.
With cafes, shopping centres and restaurants closed across Washington, DC, homeless people are facing challenges they have not encountered before.
Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports.

Syrian refugees are facing new challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic. Syria lacks stable hospitals and reliable medical care nationwide, especially in refugee camps where women, children and families are struggling to survive. CBS News producer Pinar Sevinclidir takes a closer look.

In the Italian Alps, firefighters and sanitation workers have come up with a new solution to fight the spread of coronavirus - using snow cannon from the ski slopes to spray disinfectant around local villages.

This week in Val Gardena, firefighters used their hoses to fill a giant tank with diluted hydrogen peroxide.

The tank was then attached to a snow cannon placed at the back of a large truck.

The truck drove through the towns of Santa Cristina and Selva di Val Gardena, disinfecting roads, walls, and buildings. Snow cannon are usually used at ski resorts to supplement natural snow on the slopes to extend the ski season.


A yoga instructor leads a class for homeless people in New Delhi, Thursday, April 9, at a sports complex serving as a temporary shelter. India is under a government-imposed nationwide lockdown aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19.
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Food parcels were distributed in inner-city Johannesburg, South Africa, Monday, April 13, to aid people unable to work amid coronavirus lockdown conditions.

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