NewsNet 1 Oct 2020

U.S. Pays More Than Any Other Country for Medicine, Investigation Finds


The U.S. Committee on Oversight and Reform hosted a two-part hearing this week, following an 18-month-long investigation by the committee into our nation's pharmaceutical industry, with top CEOs from the drug industry.

Out of all the Coronavirus cases in the world one out of every five, are in the United States. Despite hard lessons in the spring and restrictions over the summer infections are rising steadily. New York City schools are closing today and students will be learning from home. Total cases in the US have passed 11 million. Over 250,000 have died. And a growing number of Americans are uninsured. So why is the US, an economic powerhouse, struggling more than any other country in the world? Is it the fault of outgoing-president Donald Trump? And can incoming-president Joe Biden clean up the mess?
"I've done more for the Black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln -- nobody can dispute it."

President Trump touted his record on Black Americans at his White House rally on Saturday, his first since his COVID-19 diagnosis.
Earlier today in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden spoke proudly of winning more votes than any presidential candidate in American history.
America is heading to the polls to choose the nation's next president. Will it be Republican Donald Trump in place for a second term in office, or his Democratic challenger Joe Biden? From mask wars to the Covid-19 cluster at the White House, it's been a presidential campaign unlike any other. We look back at some of the key moments and bring you a closer look at the two candidates vying for the country's top job, who could not be more different. 

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