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CBC News 25 Mar 2020

U.S. passes $2-trillion stimulus package


The White House and U.S. Congress reached a deal overnight on a $2-trillion COVID-19 pandemic response measure, the largest economic stimulus bill in American history. 


The Senate unanimously passed a massive stimulus package late Wednesday night in an effort to jumpstart an economy decimated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bill provides more than $2 trillion for workers, small business and industries impacted in recent weeks by the virus.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly press conference after the Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus package to provide relief to Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back after the government announced a $1 trillion stimulus package that includes putting cash in the hands of Americans. This comes as fears grow over the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
FOX Business' Edward Lawrence breaks down the latest coronavirus stimulus package.

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