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CGTN America 8 Feb 2020

U.S. non-profit races to meet the need for protective gear during coronavirus outbreak


A U.S. non-profit organization races to fill the need for protective gear during the coronavirus outbreak.

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Ice Cube calling for the NBA to credit his BIG3 league for the changes that successfully improved the format of the NBA All-Star Game.
#FirstTake #NBA
This is the fourth episode of our series "Faces Fighting Coronavirus" chronicling people from different walks of life who are affected by the outbreak as well as those who are trying to keep their lives as normal as they can to keep our society running.
Parents in McDonough, Georgia, were set to travel to China to meet their adopted daughter. Now, the adoption process is put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.
I Grow Chicago believes that community intervention programs address the root causes of gun violence ‚Äčin a way that research cannot.

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