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Voice of America 29 Jul 2020

US Lawmakers Try to Bridge Differences on New COVID Relief Bill as Deadline Looms


Republicans and Democrats reportedly remain far apart on a possible extension of benefits

The Boston Globe's Kimberly Atkins joins Morning Joe to discuss the impasse on Capitol Hill over the coronavirus relief bill as the federal eviction moratorium expires and $600 weekly relief benefits expire tomorrow. Aired on 7/30/2020.
New York Liberty point guard Layshia Clarendon joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss, WNBA players using their platform to speak out on issues of race and social justice as the sport returns, saying, "We knew coming back to this season there was such an opportunity. We knew all eyes were looking at us. And first and foremost it was an opportunity to lead." Aired on 07/29/2020.
Bakari Sellars joins First Take and reacts to Los Angeles star LeBron James using his platform to speak out on social injustice and saying that Black Lives Matter is a lifestyle, not a movement.
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Emergency unemployment benefits are set to run out on July 31 for more than 20 million Americans if Congress doesn't reach a deal on the second coronavirus stimulus package. Politico employment and immigration reporter Rebecca Rainey joins "Red and Blue" to explain what will happen if a deal isn't reached.

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