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Al Jazeera 9 Jan 2020

US House votes to restrain Trump's actions against Iran


The US House of Representatives passed a resolution to rein in President Donald Trump's ability to engage in future military action against Iran, days after he ordered a drone attack that killed a top Iranian commander.
Trump had not consulted with Congress before Soleimani's killing, and Democrats are calling Trump's decision to order the attack reckless
But the resolution which requires congressional approval is non-binding.
The Senate is expected to debate a similar resolution.

Al Jazeera's Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from Washington, DC.

A bipartisan Senate majority voted to pass a resolution Thursday limiting President Donald Trump from ordering future strikes against Iran without first seeking Congress' explicit permission. (Feb. 13)
A bipartisan majority in the Senate voted to limit the president's powers to take military action against Iran. The move is largely symbolic, with the president threatening to veto the measure. CBS News' Katherine Johnson reports.
In a bid to revive the Equal Rights Amendment, the House on Thursday approved a measure removing a 1982 deadline for state ratification and reopening the process to amend the Constitution to prohibit discrimination based on sex. (Feb. 13)
Senate passes a bipartisan war powers resolution restricting President Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran; insight from Utah Senator Mike Lee, Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. #FoxNews

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