NewsNet 16 Sep 2020

U.S. Government Outlines Vaccine Campaign in Hopes One is Developed Soon


As scientists work vigorously to develop a COVID-19 vaccine,
top health officials are already sketching out a plan for its distribution.

#France said Tuesday it was preparing to kick off a nationwide #Covid #vaccination campaign in January when it hopes virus shots will be approved and available. The government is worried that millions of French people will refuse coronavirus shots, even after a vaccine was found to be nearly 95 percent effective on Monday, bringing optimism to a world facing surging infections and a raft of new stay-at-home orders. FRANCE 24's International Affairs Commentator Douglas Herbert explains.
Earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Earlier today, Vice President Mike Pence campaigned in Columbus, Ohio.
On Sunday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden campaigned in Durham, North Carolina, where a Democrat hasn't won in the White House race since Barack Obama in 2008. (Oct. 18)

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