Euronews 8 Oct 2020

US election: Mike Pence clashes with Kamala Harris over coronavirus at VP debate


Wednesday night's debate is the only one scheduled for the two running mates of Donald Trump and Joe Biden - and they clashed over the handling of the pandemic.

"I'm headed to Salt Lake City next week to debate with [Biden's] running mate -- and I promise you President Trump and I are going to keep on fighting."

Vice President Mike Pence spoke about the upcoming vice presidential debate with Kamala Harris during remarks at a Family Leader event on Thursday.
Vice President Mike Pence goes after Kamala Harris and Joe Biden in his first speech since the VP Debate.
Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg talks to Rachel Maddow about what it's been like to stand in as Vice President Mike Pence for Sen. Harris' debate preparations. Aired on 10/07/2020
The 2020 vice presidential candidates' debate, between Democratic candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and Republican incumbent Vice President Mike Pence, will see Pence having to defend the record of the Trump administration, some experts say.

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