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Voice of America 7 Jan 2021

US Capitol Returns to Normal After Attack


Security tightened at Capitol for inauguration

Former California governor Arnold #Schwarzenegger appealed for unity Sunday after the violent attack on the #US Capitol, which he described as an attempted coup by President Donald #Trump, drawing comparisons to Nazi Germany.
The bloody #chaos inside the #US #Capitol on Wednesday came after the #police force that protects the legislative complex was overrun by a mob of #Trump supporters in what law enforcement officials called a catastrophic failure to prepare. The siege of the Capitol, home to both the US Senate and the House of Representatives, represents one of the gravest security lapses in recent US history, current and former law enforcement officials said. FRANCE 24's Chief Foreign Affairs Editor explains.
4 people dead after Trump supporters rush congressional building.
Actor Bryan Cranston discusses the challenges he faced recovering from COVID-19 and the difficulties of filming drama "Your Honor" under new safety conditions. (Dec. 17)

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