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Voice of America 28 Jan 2020

US Calls on Beijing to Allow More Public Health Experts into China


The coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, last month has spread to more than 18 countries, as governments take steps to stop it. China has a mixed record on transparency during public crises, but President Xi Jinping, in a meeting with the director of WHO, said his country is ready to work with the organization and international community. This as Washington calls on Beijing to allow more public health experts into China to help halt the spread of the virus. More from VOA's Mariama Diallo.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses being proud of passing three coronavirus-related stimulus packages in a bipartisan way as well as an expected fourth bill, and she calls on the president to implement the Defense Production Act. Aired on 3/31/2020.
American Medical Association President, Dr. Patrice Harris, joins Morning Joe to discuss critical supply shortages at U.S. hospitals and why the AMA is calling on the president to use all levers to get those supplies.
Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., and Dr. Carri Chan join Morning Joe to discuss getting supplies to health care workers as the coronavirus spreads. Aired on 3/25/2020.
John Tory speaks to CBC News from self-isolation at his home. The Toronto mayor is calling on the private sector to take care of their employees who need to self-isolate, saying it's "the Canadian thing" to do.


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