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CGTN America 10 May 2019

US and China negotiators fail to reach agreement on trade deal


The US and China held abbreviated trade talks in Washington that failed to result in an anticipated agreement to end the trade war. Instead, Chinese negotiators take back a hardened stance from President Trump, who has ordered additional tariffs on all Chinese imports.

The United States and China are set to sign a phase-one trade deal.
It aims to boost Chinese purchases of American farm, energy and manufactured goods, and in return, Washington is expected to suspend additional planned tariffs on Chinese imports.
But the US treasury says existing tariffs will stay in place, at least until there is a phase-two deal.
Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Beijing.
China-U.S. to sign Phase One trade deal on Wednesday
The U.S. and China reach a trade deal in principle. Awaiting Trump's sign off.
A Chinese delegation is expected in Washington in January to formalize Phase One of a new US-China trade deal. Former USTR official Steve Gill joins News.Views.Hughes to share his insights.

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