MSNBC 13 Jan 2021

Unusual Tours In Capitol Ahead Of Trump Mob Attack Prompts Investigation


Rep. Mikie Sherrill talks with Rachel Maddow about the investigation she and thirty other members of Congress have requested into an unusual number of tour groups being shown around the Capitol the day before Donald Trump supporters would rampage through the building, some with an apparently uncanny familiarity with the layout. Aired on 01/14/2021.

Security is increased in the Capitol.
NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reports that "more than 6,600" National Guardsmen are deployed in the Washington, D.C. area. Aired on 01/13/2021.
NBC's Ellison Barber discusses the latest from the pro-Trump rallies in D.C. ahead of the Electoral College certification of Biden's win. Aired on 01/05/2021.
The FBI collected intel on potential threats of violence ahead of riots at the Capitol on January 6, but never issued a formal intelligence bulletin to other law enforcement agencies. NBC News' Ken Dilanian reports.

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