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CBS News 13 Feb 2020

University student from California stuck in China during coronavirus outbreak


A Cal State University Northridge student is still in China on Thursday night, near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak -- his semester studying abroad turning into a nightmare. Samson Adame, 24, has been stuck in the Shandong Province of China since the epidemic broke out nearly a month ago. CBS Los Angeles' Lesley Marin reports.

CGTN's Elaine Reyes and current affairs commentator Einar Tangen discuss unemployment in China after the outbreak.
Millions of Indians who have been without work for weeks are facing hunger as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak.

A Canadian mother and daughter, while dressed as dinosaurs, surprised onlookers in Toronto by handing out free face masks.

Nina and Demi Antonakes walked around their community in Toronto, and in the city center, handing out masks in the costumes to lift people's spirits as the country tackles the new coronavirus outbreak.

The masks were homemade, and handed out during a time when the neighborhood gathers in the evening to make noise in respect for frontline workers.

Russia is voicing concern about dozens of Russian school-aged students who are stuck in the US due to the coronavirus. Many of the children are studying under a US State Department program without the consent of Russia. RT America's Alex Mihailovich reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.

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