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CGTN America 15 Sep 2020

UNGA opens to a scaled down meeting


The United Nations turns 75 at a time of unprecedented challenges when an increasingly fragmented world is facing off against the coronavirus pandemic when social distancing is keeping world leaders from traveling here to converge — as they have for decades — at the UN General Assembly.

So how does the UN make sure nations standing apart are not standing alone?

The red carpet has been rolled out in France for a scaled-down version of one of the world's most famous celebrations of film.
The Cannes Film Festival was postponed in May due to the coronavirus pandemic.
While movie enthusiasts are happy it is going ahead now, some are worried the event will never be the same again.

Al Jazeera's Emily Siu reports.
A controversial lottery process opens for family reunification in Canada today. Prospective sponsors have 3 weeks to apply to sponsor a relative. There are 10,000 spots available. Those selected would then be allowed to formally apply to reunite with family in Canada.

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost their second straight game and go down 0-2 in the NLCS to the Atlanta Braves.
Diamond and Silk react to the tense physical situations they've seen Trump supporters be subjected to recently, as well as reports that numerous Governors and Mayors are considering a second round of lock-downs for their communities. - via Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear, Saturdays at 6:30PM ET on Newsmax TV

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