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The Guardian 13 Sep 2019

Uncle Wong, 82: protecting Hong Kong protesters with his walking stick


Uncle Wong is part of Protect the Children, a community group whose members put their bodies between the police and young Hongkongers protesting against the government. Waving his walking stick in the air and wearing swimming goggles to protect against teargas, he tries to reason with police and provide a distraction to allow activists to evade arrest. As tensions continue to rise between protesters and police, however, so does the emotional burden on Uncle Wong.

Protests have been broken out in Hong Kong after China sparked outrage with proposed new legislation. It would ban what Beijing calls secessionism and subversive activity and could allow Chinese security agents to operate in the territory. Pro-democracy campaigners are calling it a threat to Hong Kong's autonomy.
Anti-government protests have flared once again in Hong Kong - with more than 300 demonstrators being arrested during a standoff with police.
They are angry over new proposed laws which they say damage the freedoms of Hong Kong's people.
Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown has more.

Riot police rush into a shopping mall and use pepper spray to disperse hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gathering in small groups, chanting slogans and holding protest flags, Friday, May 1. The clash came after democracy activists threatened to defy a ban on gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic, though the streets remained largely calm on May Day.
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After a months-long break due to the coronavirus pandemic, tear gas returned to the streets of central Hong Kong, as police clashed with protesters over a proposed national security law.

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