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One America News Network 1 Dec 2019

UN: Record-high alien child detentions under Obama


A controversial UN report was withdrawn from mainstream media reports after it revealed massive human rights abuses by the Obama administration. One America's Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

The U.S. federal debt is currently at a record high. CBS News contributor Leslie Sanchez, a Republican strategist, and CBSN political contributor Lynda Tran, a Democratic strategist, join CBSN's "Red & Blue to discuss how each side of the aisle is dealing with the deficit.
The EPA Administrator claims CO2 emissions are down. For Fact's Sake, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high last year. Ali Velshi breaks down the data and speaks with former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy about why the Trump administration is downplaying the facts.
The Mississippi River hit a record high of 22.64 feet, flooding Davenport, Iowa.
NOAA says carbon dioxide levels hit a record high last month, a troubling development for the future of the climate. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joins CBSN to explain the significance.

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