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One America News Network 1 Dec 2019

UN: Record-high alien child detentions under Obama


A controversial UN report was withdrawn from mainstream media reports after it revealed massive human rights abuses by the Obama administration. One America's Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.

Nearly half of Venezuela's workforce could be unemployed by the end of 2020. The IMF forecasts a jobless rate of nearly 50 percent- the highest in the world. That projection isn't just pegged to COVID-19, although the lockdown has made life tougher for most Venezuelans.
The US recorded the most coronavirus deaths in a single day with more than 1,800 fatalities reported on Tuesday.

It brings the total number of deaths in the country to nearly 13,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The US has more than 398,000 confirmed cases, the highest number in the world. Global cases have exceeded 1.4 million.

However during a press conference President Donald Trump said the US might be getting to the top of the "curve".

Meanwhile the city of Wuhan in China, where the infection first emerged, ended its 11-week lockdown.

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The U.S. unemployment rate reached 14.7 percent for April - the worst monthly rate since the Great Depression. The White House has projected optimism, saying they expect the economy to rocket upward once coronavirus restrictions are lifted. But many experts think that is not a realistic expectation.
More than 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in just two months. While finding a job in is tough, there are some places that are hiring particularly in delivery and healthcare. CGTN's Karina Huber reports.

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