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Al Jazeera 8 Jan 2021

UK struggles with the spread of new variant of coronavirus


More than 1,100 people have died after testing positive for the coronavirus in the United Kingdom as it struggles with a new variant of the virus.
Health service leaders are now warning that London's hospitals could be overwhelmed within days.
And as Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull reports, the vaccine roll-out is not progressing smoothly.

A new variant of coronavirus has been identified in the South East of England, Matt Hancock has told the House of Commons.

The Health Secretary said the new variant may explain the rapid spread of the virus over recent days.

Its spread is growing faster than the existing type, with over a thousand cases, he added.

There have been reports of this new variant in 60 local authority areas, and it is believed to be similar to that found in other countries over the last few months.
Dr. Todd Ellerin, infectious disease specialist, discusses the COVID-19 variant found in the U.K. and answers questions about the coronavirus vaccines.
Leaders of UK and Germany warn about fast advance of new variant. #Coronavirus
A new, highly-contagious variant of the coronavirus has been discovered in South Africa as the country confronts a surge in new cases. CBS News reporter Haley Ott spoke to Tulio de Oliveira, one of the scientists who helped identify this mutation.

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