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Sky News 6 May 2020

UK COVID-19 lockdown to be relaxed on Monday


Boris Johnson said some lockdown restrictions will be lifted next week and set a new testing target of 200,000 per day by the end of this month. "We would like to get going on some of these measures on Monday," he said in the House of Commons. It comes as Heath Secretary Matt Hancock was left speechless by the actions of Professor Neil Ferguson, the key scientific adviser who flouted lockdown rules to meet up with his lover.

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The UK's COVID-19 death toll soars after government includes care home victims for the first time…
People in Scotland will be allowed to meet members of other households outdoors from 28 May as garden centres and some sports venues prepare to reopen.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said schools will reopen from 11 August with a 'blended model' that combines home-based learning with teaching in the classroom.

Outdoor cafes, recycling centres and drive-through restaurants will also be permitted to reopen.

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When pressed to explain how Labour would ease the coronavirus lockdown, the Shadow Home Secretary says ‘it's the government's job to come up with the ideas'. Nick Thomas-Wylands says ‘it wouldn't be appropriate' for his party to set up a ‘rival plan' when focused on ‘a shared consensus' with the government. He supports the use of contact tracing apps but thinks more work is needed to address cases in which people don't have smartphones or have location services turned off for privacy reasons.

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COVID-19 lockdowns extend to South Africa's shores.
Beach use has been banned to prevent people from gathering.
Surfers argue their sport involves social distancing, and should be an exception.
Police have been arresting surfers who protest the rule.

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